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February 14th, 2009 We got in a shipment of new stock from our good friend in MI, Robin of Deer Creek Rattery (satins and chocolate carriers)! She also got some other stock from other great breeders in the area such as Raffinhouse Rattery (hairless), Tiny Toes Rattery (manx carriers), and Ratlandia Rattery (dwarfs). We are really excited to have these great crosses and types in our rattery and very grateful to Robin for talking to all the breeders and getting these crosses for us and putting the shipment together!

Shadows are under contract with Robin of DCR to not be adopted out to other breeders other than Dream Mtn Rattery. Satins will not be available to breeders other than Dream Mtn Rattery for multiple generations or until shadows have been bred out of the line. Thank you for your understanding. For more info on Shadows look here at her page.


DCR Diamond Lake

Russian blue berkshire satin shadow

DCR Mikkalo

Russian blue berkshire satin shadow (more shadowed)

DCR Wild Planet

Champagne Dumbo irish (choc. carrier)

DCR Pistola

Black self (poss. choc. carrier)

DCR Morning View

Black Irish dumbo (poss. choc. carrier)

RH Legacy

Agouti Hairless Dumbo (mink carrier)

TTR Patriot "Pinky"

Fawn Hairless Dumbo (manx carrier)

TTR Viking

Agouti Rex dumbo berkshire (manx carrier)

RATL Gold Dust

Fawn Self Dumbo Dwarf

TTR Vibrance

Agouti Rex Dumbo (manx carrier)


DCR Applegate

Russian blue berkshire satin dumbo shadow (belly spot)

DCR Cloverdale

Russian blue Berkshire satin dumbo shadow

DCR Myrtle Point

Russian Blue Berkshire satin dumbo shadow (Tortishell Shadow!)

DCR Love Shack

Champagne self (choc. carrier) darker

DCR Chiquita


DCR June Bug

Champagne self (choc. carrier) Lighter

RATL Golden Opportunity

Fawn Berkshire Dumbo Dwarf

RATL Golden Feeling

Fawn Self Dumbo Dwarf