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This is our breeding plans in the near future!

All Planned litters are subject to change and not all breedings result in litters.

Notice: Due to the fact that Dwarfs have small litters wait list is much longer for dwarfs than for standard sized rats. Currently to get dwarfs you will be waiting about 9 months to a year. Also, currently all manx will be either kept or going to ratteries we currently work with on this variety.


Our Waitlist for females is very long right now. If you are interested in getting on our female waitlist for any type it will be several months or more. Boy rats are actually calmer and cuddlier than girls and also make wonderful sweet pets!




Planning a dalmatian/ downunder litter to be available by the april show. Placed together 2-12-11

Planning a roan litter around this time to be available by the april show. Placed together on 2-12-11

Planning a Aussie cinnamon litter to be available at the april show. Placed together on 2-12-11


Planning a colorpoint dwarf litter around this time.

Planning a hairless litter around this time.



These are the lines we are currently working with in our rattery:


Our Lines

Adoption Information can be seen here

E-mail me at calliopemjm@hotmail.com to be placed on waitlist for litters. All intended breedings may not result in litters due to the fact that females don't always get pregnant.