Dream Mtn Rattery current lines:

"Don't let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do!" - Unknown

Manx Line:

Photo of Dmtn Precious and Dmtn Robin

Dalmatian/Downunder line:

Photos of Dmtn Touch O' Pepper and Dmtn Blue Bonnet

Dwarf line:

Photos of Dmtn Sheepy, Dmtn Perfection, Dmtn Pluto

Aussie Cinnamon line:

Photos of Dmtn Augustus

Satin line:

Photos of Dmtn litter born 9-15-09

European Roan line:


All photos of the same rat Dmtn Bethoveen, left photo was at eight weeks. Right at 6 months


Chocolate line:

Photos of Dmtn litter born 8-15-09

We will be doing a few test crosses. We have already tested aussie cinnamon against UK mink (not compatible genes), aussie cinnamon to american mink (not compatible genes), UK mink to am. mink (not compatible genes). I would like to test breed aussie cinnamon to Chocolate (to rule that out as compatible also). I will also be test breeding Harley to Satin. I will post my results here.

Sometimes lines will be crossed to bring out desirable traits. This is just a rough draw up of what I am currently working with/toward for my own notes.


All rats on this page were bred here at our rattery and photos were taken by Morgan of Dream Mtn Rattery and are copyrighted and may not be used with out permission.