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~April 2nd, 2011 We attended the Spring show/ Ratapaloosa in Seattle, WA. We had a great time and brought home some great ribbons! Dmtn Faith (possum dalmatian) brought home best in Variety and Best In Show marked kitten wtih a score of 97%, Dmtn Miuet (agouti dwarf) brought home Best in Variety and Best in Show for Solid Kittens with a score of 96%, Dmtn Chateau (cinnamon hairless) brought home Best in Variety for Hairless kittens, We showed Dmtn Augustus (Aussie cinnamon) in unstandardized in an effort to get the Aussie cinnamon color standardized, he got a score of 97% also at almost 2 years old! In the best pets classes Dmtn Augustus was voted Prettiest/Handsomest and Dmtn Harmony was voted Silliest Ears. Also congrats to Dmtn Deaver for best costume owned by Becky of Critter Cave. I also want to thank all my friends in RatsPac for throwing me a wonderful surprise baby shower after the show! It was awesome and I loved all the gifts!

~November 6th, 2010 we attended the first Come Fall for Rats show in Portland, OR put on by our friend Kimber! We didnt bring any rats to this show but helped judge and run the show as well as visited with all our friends in the club. This was a great show and fun for pet people to attend! For more information check out this site

~October 22nd, 2010 We did a shipment to our good friend Robin of DCR. They flew out of PDX on a red eye flight and arrived in Detroit on Saturday the 23rd mid day. We also shipped some dwarfs bred by 13MR from our colorpoint line to our friend Kristen of Hummingbird Ridge Rattery in a shipment that was combined with rats from Kelsey of Topirats. See everything that was sent from us here.

~September 25th, 2010 We attended the Fall Show in Port Orchard, WA. Our rats got a Best in Show and two reserve of shows. Also a Rat we bred that went to her new home with Topi Rats also got Best in Show! Dmtn Atlanta (russian silver dumbo berkshire) got Best In Show marked kitten- now owned by Kelsey of Topi Rats, Dmtn Buzz Light Year (cinnamon dumbo irish hairless) got Reserve of Show marked kitten with a 98%, Dmtn Miss Piggy (agouti dumbo irish hairless) got Reserve of show marked adult, and a new girl we got from Tiffany, TMLS Yasha (Pearl merle dumbo berkshire) got Best in Show marked adult with a 98%, Dmtn Dolphin (black roan) got Best of Variety kitten standard marked. See photos of the show here and here.

~ April 10th, 2010 We attended the Spring show/ Ratapaloosa in Seattle, WA. Our rats got three best in shows! Dmtn Satin Jewel (RB siamese dwarf) got BIS solid adult, Dmtn Don Perignon (champagne dumbo self) got BIS solid kitten, and Dmtn Unnamed (dumbo classic Lilac- went to new home with Tiffany of TMLS) got BIS marked kitten. We took several babies to new homes and picked up a few new additions also. We brought home EVR Lily, ROUS Dolly 2, and CWR Sarabella.

~ October 30th, 2009 We got to assist in helping get more tailless (manx) into the pacific northwest! We helped arrange and are holding onto a shipment of ratties that came from Bonnie Walters and have the ultimate goal of going to Michelle of CWR and her sister rattery Krislyn of RMIS. Michelle was kind enough to allow one of the boys to stay here to help our manx line! They can all be seen Here

~September 26th, 2009 We attended the Fall Show in Port Orchard, WA and did very well! Dmtn Alyssa (RB siamese dwarf) got Best in show solid kitten with a 98%, Dmtn Perfection (pearl merle dwarf am. irish dumbo) Got Best in Show marked adult with a 96%, Dmtn Infusion (cinnamon dumbo downunder) got Reserve Best in Show Marked Kitten with a 96%. Our ratties also brought home 5 best of varieties (One being Dmtn Precious- Best of Variety Tailless with a 96%) and one best of Section. We also want to congratulate other Dmtn bred rats: Dmtn Mico Machine for best of Variety Satin (RB agouti roan) owned by Becky of Critter cave, Dmtn Dott for best of variety Rex owned by Becky of Critter Cave, Dmtn Rapunzel (RB Harley) for best of section owned by Lynn of ROUS, Dmtn Bhelpurl (AKA Dmtn Shalimar, RB dwarf am. irish) for best of section marked dwarf owned by Lizzy of SITH, Dmtn DeeDee for best of section and longest tail pet class owned by Brandon of tBBR. We are very proud of all these ratties! We had a great time and are excited for the Spring show in April!

~June 20th, 2009 We got some ratties from Connie of Rat Genesis in CA to add to our wonderful lines. The types we got are Roans and Roan carriers, and Aussie mink carriers to add to our Aussie Cinnamon lines! We are very grateful to Connie for this. You can see what we got Here

~ April 4th, 2009 We attended the spring show in Mercer Island, WA. We are so excited with the results of some of our showing! The adorable Dmtn Satin Jewel (dwarf) got best in show solid kitten, Dmtn Victoria got best in show marked kitten, and Dmtn Crystal got reserve in show marked kitten to Victoria. We are very proud of how far we have come as a rattery and our great results.

~February 14th, 2009 We got in a shipment of new stock from our good friend in MI, Robin of Deer Creek Rattery (satins and chocolates!)! She also got some other stock from other great breeders in the area such as Raffinhouse Rattery (hairless), Tiny Toes Rattery (manx carriers), and Ratlandia Rattery (dwarfs). We are really excited to have these great crosses and types in our rattery! We will be posting photos very soon of our new additions! See them Here!

We attended the September 27th 2008 Show in Port Orchard, WA. We did really well! A BEW girl we bred and were taking to her new breeding home (Small Joys Rattery) won Best In Show solid kitten!!! Plus Dmtn Zorro got best of variety marked velveteen kitten and a new little dwarf girl we picked up got Peoples choice cutest kitten! We had a ton of fun!

~August 16, 2008; we went to the first ever Ratstock show near Pullman, WA, right on the border of Idaho and WA. The theme was 60s and 70s stuff complete with tie dye everything and a band! We came home with a reserve best in show and two best of varieties. It was a lot of fun and we will go again next year.

~We went up to the March 2008 spring show and our adorable little boy Dmtn/Eagle's Spots and Dots took Reserve Best in Show Marked Kitten! We are very proud of this little guy! We also went up and took the test for judging and passed! So we got to help judge some of the classes we were not showing in!

~We went to Ratapalooza November 2007 and picked up a new blue boy from RMIS in Idaho, RMIS Hammilton. He was spur of the moment entered into the Prettiest/ Handsomest class and Won! We had to be careful as many fellow showers were threatening to steal him all day! We had a blast!

~We took some of our cuties to the September 2007 show and did pretty well. FURR Sloth Bear did the best getting a best of Selection in Solid Dumbo class and was only beat by her sister (FURR Red Riding Hood who now also lives with us) for Best of Show. Mocha also did well again now in the adult class. In all we had a very good time and came home with a new girl from RSLC we had reserved!

~Wow! We took some of our rats to the March 24th 2007 Rats Pac NW show (our first show getting to participate)!! We did great! We are proud of how our little ones did! Dmtn STRO Mocha won best of selection in marked dumbo kitten with a 93%! STRO Dmtn Alban won best of selection in self dumbo with a 96%! We are very proud of their high scores! Alban (BEW boy) went home with Krislyn of Mischief of Remis Rattery.

~We attended our first show in Sept 06, it was so much fun that we will be bringing rats to the next show!

~We have had rats as pets since 99', we became a rattery and started breeding in the begining of 06'.