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About Dream Mtn Rattery!

These are the lines we currently work with:

Our Lines

This is my niece and nephew with their pet rats that they got from me three years ago. These are both from Lemming's first litter and are great family pets!

Here is a little insight to why we love our pet rats!

"Domestic rats have been raised in captivity for more than a century. They bear little resemblance to their wild ancestors. A pet rat is very clean, performing an elaborate grooming ritual several times a day: the rat first licks its front feet, or hands, then using both hands it washes its face and behind its ears.

Rats can be gentle, affectionate and intelligent pets. They rarely bite unless handled roughly so that they become frightened or in pain. Pick rats up by lightly placing your hand around the shoulders with the thumb under the animal's chin.

Some pet rat owners refer to rats as super pets because of their superb pet qualities. Pet rats are friendly and curious, intelligent, have good memories and enjoy human company. When your rats hear you come home or enter their room, they will greet you at the cage door eagerly waiting to come out and play. You can let one ride on your shoulder, carry it in a pocket, or tuck it in a sleeve. Your pet rat can learn its name and learn to come when called. Rats also make excellent classroom pets - they are not timid like mice, and unlike hamsters, rats rarely bite. A rat has excellent insight and the ability to solve problems. You can train them to perform clever tricks for treats." Quote from: Those little rats! http://flatrock.org.nz/topics/animals/maternal_care.htm

Info about what we use in our rattery:


I feel rats do best in wire cages for ventilation reasons. My personal favorite is Quality cages and Critter Nations, next best is Martins. I have several Quality cages now, and I also still have Martins cages, and several other misc. cages, and totes that have been modified with wire for ventilation for nurserys. I plan on getting all future cages from Quality cages as they are local (portland, OR) and they have much better cages than Martins. Quality cages seem a little more expensive until you figure shipping on the Martins and realize how much better they hold up and they are made much better also! I will only buy cages from Quality from now on just based on how wonderful they are! A good basic cage from them is a Large Deluxe Rat Home powder coated, I have several and they are much bigger than they seem looking at the photos. Also you can buy extensions for the Large Deluxe Rat Home to make it even bigger!


Here is a photo of our rat room:


What I feed, I use a mixture of the following:


~ Rolled oats and Rolled Barley (equal parts of both)- 60% of food mix (base mix) (6 cups/scoops)

~Cheerios and/ or Total cereal - 30% of food mix (3 cups/scoops)

~Dry pasta - 5% of food mix (half cup/scoop)

~High quality dog food, lab blocks, roasted soy nuts, or roasted pumpkin seeds - 5% of food mix (half cup/scoop)

This mix is based on the Shunamite diet.

Principles of feeding rats

Feeding to support the immune system

I mix this in either a large tote or other lidded container.

I also give fresh veggies regularly and dried fruit as treats along with other foods that we are eating (leftovers).

I used to make hammocks out of fleece that you can cheaply buy but lately I have been hanging baskets and lining them with fleece instead. For more ideas and info go my links and Info pages.



These are my new Quality cages when I first got them before I set them up. They are not very good pictures but I will get better ones soon!


These are just some of my old cages I will eventually replace with all Quality Cages: