Adoption Information:


~ Base price is $20 for pet or show quality rats; $25 for dwarfs. I give a $5 discount on every rat after the first rat when they are purchased at the same time.

~ If I have to drive to meet you or deliver I may a charge mileage fee in addition to the adoption fee depending on the distance.

Adoption Policies:

~ Cash or Money Orders accepted

~ Every adopter will be required to fill out an adoption form and sign the adoption contract, the link to the form is here: Adoption Form
and the adoption contract is at the bottom of this page. Any questions you have the answers are probably on this page so read it fully, if you have any other questions just ask in an e-mail.

~ If you are under the age of 18, I will need your parents permission before I can adopt any rats to you.

~ Unless you can prove that you already have at least one rat, I will not adopt single rats. Rats are very social animals, and work best in same sex pairs or groups. We require rats to be sold in same sex pairs only, unless you can prove to us with a picture or other means of proof that you in fact have existing rats at your home of the same sex. In general new babies do better when they have a friend to help them adapt and enjoy their new home. They need to be groomed and cuddled with, by other rats. If you do not believe this, please read the article of why rats need company.


~ I have a two week return policy. If for any reason the rats don't work out after two weeks, I will refund your money in full. After a month I cannot refund your money, but will still take the rats back or assist you in rehoming them.

~ Our goal is to place healthy, loving pets in the best possible, responsible homes with people who will adore them as much as we do! If you are interested in reserving a rat from us please e-mail us with what you are looking for (You can view our planned litters page to see what we have in the works) and why you are interested in obtaining a rat from us. (Pet only, show, breeding...) Also let us know about you, your family, other pets (Past and present), living situation (Do you rent or own. If you rent are you allowed to own small pets?), and let us know about your experiences with rats. If you have questions for us feel free to ask also! We like to get to know possible pet owners to be sure we have what you are looking for and that we feel you would be a suitable home for our beloved babies!

~ If for ANY reason you ever need to place or rehome a Dream Mtn baby you are required to contact me! Any new home must be approved by me if you wish to place a rat adopted from me to insure the safety, and well being of our rat kids, and to keep track of their where abouts. Do not EVER rehome an Dmtn baby without our knowledge or consent!

~ We do not allow visits to our home due to the risk of dangerous infections, and deadly viruses. Keeping a closed rattery, and strictly quarantining all new animals helps insure happy, and healthy animals, and protects our beloved pets.

~ For your new rats you will need; a cage, bedding, food, water bottle, and cage decor. You will also need a travel carrier for picking up your new pet.

~ The best home for your new rats is a wire cage, we recommend using Martins cages or Quality cage (Martins cages take a couple weeks to ship, Quality cages are located in Portland, OR).

~ We adopt out almost all of our ratties on a pet only contract (which adopters will be required to sign). I only work with well known, reputable breeders in adopting out breeder rats. If you want to breed I recommend be a pet person for at least a year while gathering information on genetics and attending a few shows in the area. If you are still interested in breeding I then recommend you ask a well known breeder in your area to mentor you. This allows you to have someone to go to with questions and help you make informed breeding choices. I see many people come and go in rats and most breeders tend to be hesitant in placing breeder rats with a new person because often we end up taking all the rats back in 6 months or a year when the person decides it is too much work or not for them.

Virus Alerts:

* There are VERY dangerous viruses out there that can cause harm to your rats. Like humans, dogs and cats a virus suppresses the immune system, leaving a path for other infections to take over. Only with a rat virus, it is air born and can be passed through the air onto your clothes and nasal passages. Most causes of these viruses spreading comes from pet stores, and the suppliers they get their rats and rodents from, usually not being the employees fault. This being said, a rat does not have to look, act or sound sick to be hiding a terrible virus. You do not have to touch, look or sometimes even walk by the rats at a store to be contaminated. Good thing is a virus only lives outside the host rat for 3 hours, therefore if you stay away from HOME (NOT JUST YOUR RATS) for that time frame then you are safe. Take the time to save your rats lives, and yourself a lot of heartache. Being the breeder of these adopted rats, I EXPECT this information to be taken seriously. The Rat Guide has LOTS of information about different viruses and rat care.

Vet Care:

You never know when a problem may happen. Keep a good relationship with a vet in your area that treats, is willing to treat or knows about small animals. They too deserve the same treatment a dog or cat would receive. And it is always better to be prepared.

Rats are prone to allergies the same as humans are. Please remember not to use Cedar or Pine bedding and to keep your pets in a healthy environment that is also smoke free.

Our Contract:

Here is a copy of what you will be expected to sign when you adopt ratties from us:

Between the Breeder (Morgan Christianson) and the Adopter __________________________.

The adopter agrees to and understands the following conditions for a:
Pet Only Rat
~The adopter understands that above described animal is being sold as a non-breeding, pet only. The Adopter agrees that the animal shall not be used for breeding purposes of any kind nor shall be allowed to mix with rats of the opposite sex.
~The Breeder warrants the above described rat is in good health at the time the Adopter assumes ownership and for 72 hours after transfer of ownership. Adopter must report to Breeder any medical problems within the 72 hours. If a rat is diagnosed by a veterinarian to be in unsound health the Adopter may request refund or replacement or another animal of equal value.
~ The Adopter agrees to use the prefix Dmtn with the rats name on all official documents and in shows.
~The Adopter agrees that at no time shall the rat be sold, given or donated to anyone with out Breeders prior knowledge and consent. In the event that Adopter is unable to keep or maintain the rat the Breeder shall be informed and shall reserve the right to repossess the animal.
~The Adopter agrees to keep the animal in the appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and shall not be neglected in any manner. Adopter also agrees to feed the animal the appropriate diet, in proper cage of appropriate size, and shall not use cedar or pine bedding as they are known to cause respiratory illness.
~The Adopter agrees that animal will receive necessary veterinary care to maintain its good health.

The Adopter further understands that if there is a failure to keep any part of this contract, or if rat is maltreated or neglected, the Adopter will surrender the animal to the Breeder unconditionally and without financial restitution or compensation.

Signed by Breeder: _____________________________________

Signed by Adopter:______________________________________